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Backporch Broadcast is proud to bring savings to our clients through B-Stock purchases. In most circumstances B-Stock products are:

Display - Item was used by manufacturer or dealer for display (in glass case)
Demo - Item was used for demonstrations
Damaged - Unit was damaged in shipping
Defective - Unit was defective out of the box
Refused - Package was refused by original recipient

Products which are sold as new (A-Stock) and returned to the warehouse cannot be sold as A-Stock again. Any products returned for one of the above reasons will be repaired (if necessary) and evaluated. Units worthy of factory warranties are graded as B-Stock. Units which work, but may not be worthy of warranties are C-Stock. Parts units (likely do not work) are D-Stock.

In the future, this page will contain a catalog of great B-Stock deals on broadcast and professional video products.


Backporch Broadcast fixes nearly every type of Broadcast and Professional video equipment (Cameras, Lenses, CCUs, Tripods, Routers, Switchers, VTRs, Monitors, Robotics, Etc.) from just about any manufacturer.
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