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Backporch Broadcast Consultants, Inc. is proud to offer a unique brokerage program.

If we don't have a particular pre-owned piece of equipment in stock, we may know where to find it at the price you're looking for.  Any equipment brokered through Backporch is brought into our shop, completely evaluated, repaired, aligned and cleaned so that only quality pre-owned equipment in the best condition is sold to our clients.

Additionally, o ne of our many clients may be interested in your pre-owned equipment.  Please call us or e-mail us with infomation about your gear.  All pre-owned equipment sold through Backporch must be evaluated by Backporch.  Any equipment not meeting our pre-owned certification standards will be brought up to standards or returned to the vendor.

In the future, this page will contain a form for listing pre-owned equipment for sale and a catalog for searching pre-owned equipment for sale.


Backporch Broadcast fixes nearly every type of Broadcast and Professional video equipment (Cameras, Lenses, CCUs, Tripods, Routers, Switchers, VTRs, Monitors, Robotics, Etc.) from just about any manufacturer.
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